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Jun 11, 2017

What's in a name? In the story of Rattlesnake Dick we learn the nicknames can be powerful and living up or down to the reputation they promote may not always be advisable. And while Dick may be all but forgotten, there's that big ol' pile of missing gold that remains. Think you'll be the one to find it?

Mar 26, 2017

The story of a mountain man's struggles in the wild is an epic saga of survival and vengeance for the murder of his wife and unborn child. But do we really know who Liver Eating Johnson was or if the stories are even true. Our friends at Fatecrafter's Audioblivious Productions and Pulp-Pourri Theater appear to...

Mar 12, 2017

The six gun is perhaps the west's most iconic hardware. In EP 20 we trace the origins of the revolver from it's unlikely source of inspiration to the point at which it won the west. Along the way we'll learn about the triumphs and tragedies that surround the developers of the six shooter as well as those who lived and...

Feb 26, 2017

Call him Deadwood Dick or Nat Love, the most famous cowboy of color in the west, is a product of his own doing. Are the stories true? Does it even mater? As we learn more about the rich history of the old west, we find that tall tales and legends can often reveal great truths.

Feb 12, 2017

Among the many fabled lawmen of the old west, Bass Reeves was remarkable. He may have been the inspiration behind the Lone Ranger. Bass was a man who’s storied career is one of triumph over adversity, relentless dedication to his craft and a brilliant example of a man who showed respect, honor, humility and...